at last.

So its far time that I put into words the way I truly feel. Instead of mass texting my friends about which products they MUST buy and trolling instagram(ok, I will still do those things, BUT), how about I let you know everything you need to know right here? Sound good…leggo!

Let’s start with basics of why I love makeup:

  • I am pale. Makeup makes me look alive.
  • Rubbing things on my face makes getting up in the morning serve more of a purpose.
  • There are stores that have shelves and shelves of pretty makeup that give me a ridiculous adrenaline rush and they go buy the names of ULTA & Sephora
  • Um, hello. LIPSTICK makes me feel like a diva.

Hello world!

Hey ladies & gentlemen. If you love lipstick, you are in the right place.